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Organic Fig Orange Marmalade
We make our marmalade with California’s fresh organic Kadota and Brown Turkey figs and sweet organic Valencia oranges for a flavor you will not forget. Our Brown Turkey figs imparts a nutty essence to our marmalade as the Kadota fig adds a subtle honey tone and aroma. What makes it a marmalade is the organic Valencia orange that imparts their undeniable sweet orange flavor and the bite of its zest.  Delicious! 
The California Kadota fig is an American version of the Italian Dattato fig. It came to California by way of Mexico in 1769. Our Brown Turkey fig were found and shared with us by the French Provence region. The Valencia Orange is a sweet hybrid developed in California.
Rub our Organic Fig Orange Marmalade on fresh tuna or use to stuff pork or chicken.  Use it as your sauce for a breakfast pizza with pancetta or prosciutto and your favorite cheeses.   A must for cheeses.

Organic Fig Orange Marmalade

  • Organic Brown Turkey Figs, Organic Kadota Figs, Organic Oranges, Organic Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice, Pectin

    Net Wt. 9.6 Oz. (272 g)

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