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What We Believe

Our mission at Terra Verde Foods is to make good foods that are good for you.  Our products are made using the best ingredients that we can find to bring you our fresh-from-the-farm flavors. 


We use fresh fruits and vegetables that are organic or pesticide free, and never use chemical preservatives, artificial flavorings, MSG, nor GMO ingredients in our foods.  Our all natural foods are vegan, gluten and soy free but carnivore friendly!  Our fresh all natural products are low in sugar and salt.  Some have no added sugars or salt, relying solely on the natural ones in the fruits and vegetables themselves. In the few products that require salt to enhance their flavor we use a low sodium Kosher salt or sol de gris (French grey sea salt).  Our foods are slow cooked in small batches to impart the fresh flavors that we are known for.  One taste and you will return for more…..from our hands to your table.  We hope you enjoy all Terra Verde Foods artisan products.


All Natural Artisan Foods

Terra Verde Foods proudly provides our customers with tasty foods that come from authentic, high-quality ingredients. We are renowned for providing tasty, all-natural vegan foods. All of our foods are devoid of chemical preservatives, artificial color, flavorings, and MSG.

Super Health Food

Taste Tested

Terra Verde Foods’ specialty products are hand made in small batches from recipes that have been in our family for generations and new ones we developed from scratch. We want you to remember what a ripe  blackberry or tomato tastes like. Our artisan foods enable you to close your eyes and remember Aunt Annie’s Fig Preserves, Grandma’s “tomato gravy” or that juicy, plump, fresh picked blackberry you snuck into your mouth instead of putting in your pail.

The first ingredient on our labels is always a fruit or vegetable. Minimal sugar is added to our products. Several have no sweetener added at all. All our products are gluten and soy free; vegan but we are carnivore friendly. We only use natural ingredients… no artificial flavorings, preservatives or colors.

Award-Winning Products

At Terra Verde Foods, we offers a wide variety of products including award-winning hot sauces, marmalades & preserves that taste fresh (not sugar sweet), and sauces, salad dressings and marinades. In addition, we offer all-organic spices and rubs, seasonal specials and a selection of foods with no sugar added. When we do add sugar, rest assured it’s only enough to bring out the taste of ripe fresh fruit!

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