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Craig's Dressing - Suggested Uses



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You can use our salad dressing so many ways. delicious and only 15 calories & only 2 grams of sugar! It;s not just for salads.

Craig's Dressing - Suggested Uses

Use as a rich salad dressing or marinade.

Use sparingly on salads and coleslaw.

Marinade:  Place chicken, shrimp, or pork in a Zip Lock Bag with Craig’s Dressing. Add Lavender Pepper, close, and let marinade in the refrigerator one to 24 hours depending on the flavor you want to impart.

Use as a basting sauce on grilled vegetables and serve on pasta or as a side dish.

Pasta Sauce (Vodka Sauce without the Vodka)

Salad Dressing: Use as a dressing on Pasta Salad with lots of vegetables.

Use as a dressing on Coleslaw.

Cut Romaine Lettuce head in half, length wise. Grill for about 3 seconds, to heat but not cook the lettuce. Sauce with Craig’s Dressing and Lavender Pepper™. Cut in wedges and serve.

…You will like it!!

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